The Home Buyer Profile-Understanding Consumer Trends

In order to successfully market and sell your home we first need an understanding of today’s buyer; who they are, what they are looking for and how they shop for real estate. Understanding them will influence how and where we market your home.

Current trends and demographics of today’s homebuyers:

Consumer Trends

Today’s consumers approach Toady's Consumer Approachhome buying differently. They are well researched, tech-savvy and keep both immediate and extended family top-of-mind when purchasing a home. It is common for multiple generations to live under one roof and many prefer move-in ready homes. In addition, many buyers have already adjusted their lifestyles to simpler means and are energy conscious.


When selling your home our marketing will be targeted to maximize the key features buyers are looking for through the most expansive and effective media channels possible. We also focus on responding quickly and thoroughly to their inquiries in order to capitalize on their interest. Understanding the preferences of today’s buyer and how they want to be serviced is one of the effective ways we sell your home.



Primary Factors for Different Generation Buyers